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Future Market InsightsVacuum cleaners are designed to absorb dust from floors and other surfaces, using suction created by an air pump in the unit. Besides the manually operated type, robotic or autonomous vacuum cleaners have also been designed to make the task easier. Vacuum cleaners are extensively used in the residential sector and demand for residential robotic vacuum cleaners is expected to increase substantially China DC Motors Manufacturers over the next five to six years.

Residential robotic vacuum cleaners can be programmed to navigate around a specific space and then return to its respective docking station in order to recharge the unit’s batteries. Components of robotic vacuum cleaners include programming software, power system, cleaning system and batteries. Besides floor cleaning capability, some units are able to absorb dust from the atmosphere, and even clean hardtoreach corners.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are also designed to perform tasks such as mopping and UV sterilization. Robotic vacuum cleaners offer ease of access, enhanced reliability and performance, and costeffective cleaning solutionsRising awareness among consumers about a clean dustfree environment and the need for convenience is expected to fuel demand for residential robotic vacuum cleaners. Benefits such as removing allergens from the atmosphere, easier handling in terms of navigation and design support the demand for residential robotic vacuum cleaners across the globe.

However, low customer awareness, product acceptance as compared to conventional vacuum cleaners in emerging countries and high price of product are among the key factors expected to hamper market growth. In addition, battery issues could restrict adoption of robotic vacuum cleaners in the residential sector as consumers are becoming increasingly techsavvy, with demand for effective products irrespective of price being a prime concern across the globe.

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